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5 Signs Of Sexual Addiction, No 4 Will Shock You

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in this post, I will be explaining to you, 5 Signs of sexual addiction…make sure you follow to the end famz.

You see, Sex is a healthy part of life truly, but for some people, it can become all-consuming.

Inasmuch as sex is a basic part of human nature, and it’s perfectly normal , and healthy, to have a vigorous libido, there is also a tipping point to it…when sexual desire go from being healthy to out of control, then that is the addiction we are talking about.

Usually, the difference between enjoying sex and being addicted to sex is apparent. “A healthy sexual appetite can be controlled. If sex is unavailable, it is disappointing but not devastating,”

With a sexual addiction, the addict feels desperate to have his or her sexual outlet, no matter the cost.”

Signs of Sexual Addiction

A sexual addiction can come in many ways, so you might need to take your time very well to be able to identify these signs.

the signs include

1.When Sex dominates ones life to the exclusion of other activities, then that person is sex addicted

2.An individual engages in phone sex, computer sex, use of prostitutes, watching of pornography, or exhibitionism.

3.When one habitually masturbates…a person with whom masturbation has become food and air which they feels they need to survive.

4. Someone who has multiple sexual partners or cheats on partners….all this to satisfy his or her sexual urge.

5. in some extreme cases, an addict would engage in criminal activities, including stalking, rape, incest, or child molestation, all to be able to fulfill his or her sexual desires

So famz, if you notice any of these signs in yourself or anybody you love, just know it is an addiction, and then quickly try all possible best to correct the ills before things would go out of hand. Tnks

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