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All Artiste Needs A Manager – find out reasons now

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This article really worth your time as it will expose you to reasons why you need to get a manager immediately

This writeup will be short, but precise. And it will talk about why all artiste needs a manager for his/her career. If i won’t be exaggerating, over 70% of upcoming artistes doesn’t even consider it as a necessity. They believe it is until they become known worldwide before they can have a manager.

The upcoming artistes don’t see reasons why having a manager should be paramount. The few among them who sees some reasons to have a manager are selfish, and don’t want to share any part of their earnings with anybody. Some are too arrogant, they always feel themselves, believing they have all, and knows all, and can’t be guided by any so called ‘manager’. The remaining ones are rude and they know they can never cope with having a manager so they have intentionally refuses having one.

All of this reasons are bad of a talented person. in my next article, i will be explaining how and why talented people should have a good character. it isn’t just nomal for you to have a good character, but it also sells you and make a lot of people want to help and relate with you.

in other to keep it short as earlier promised, i will be explaining immediately the reasons why all artiste needs a manager. It should be understood that the ‘all artistes” i mean here are those developed artistes who are already taking music as a profession. I am not referring to the beginners, who are still struggling with singing the music notations correctly. and also staying on a particular key while singing.

Reasons Why All Artistes Should Consider Having A Manager

the following below are the reasons why all artiste needs a manager, either you still independent or you are under a lable deal already.

1.You need someone to represent you; Incase you don’t know this, please take note of it today. It is the way you see yourself, that is how others will see you too. If you see yourself as a star, others will consider you as one. For the fact that you haven’t become a wide known super star, that doesn’t mean you should underrate and look down on your self.

You are a celebrity, even though it is in the making and so You need the right branding. You need to be official too. Package your value. Polish up your worth. Let them not be able to rubbish you as an upcoming artiste. Maintain a quality and high standard status. Dont forget you are a public figure, even though it’s still in the midst of the few people who knows you And so, you are not suppose to be seen or found everywhere.

You wouldn’t want to book your shows yourself. As a public figure you are, you wouldn’t want to book an interview session all by yourself. And so you need someone who could do all this things for you.:

2.You need to reduce the stress and focus on making music only: you can’t want to do everything. Making music is a whole lot of job already, how much more managing your career yourself again. You need somebody who will manage your career, while you focus of making music, writing songs, attending shows and interviews and signing deals. All artistes need somebody who will handle other things for them, like promotion, booking of shows, interviews, studio sessions and other things that excludes making music.

3.You need a professional and industry expert for your career: another reason why all artiste needs a manager is that, you may not know too much about the industry, most especially how it works. You won’t even have time to study the industry and make a quality research on how things is done . All artistes certainly focus more on writing songs and making music only. And so for this reason, you need an experienced person. An expert for that matter. Somebody who knows far more than you know. Who would have the right connections and buttons to the industry. Such person needs to manage your career, so therefore, get the service of such an expert today.

4.Two good heads are better than one: You have sense. strategy are much in your brain. But yet, you can’t do all the reasoning alone. why not get somebody who has a sense like you. You know thinking, coming up with reasonable strategies, and executing them might be difficult for you alone. But when there is a team, even though it is a team of one person, things will be less difficult to handle.

5.You need a confidant: this could have been your lover of any of your siblings. But why would you confide in a person who has little or no advice for you. If you must seek for a confidant, it must be a someone who knows about the subject matter. An artiste confiding in a football enthuaist, who harldy listen to music, what does such person have to offer after telling him your plans. Besides, relating your plans with or to anybody can be risky because you don’t know who truly care about you or your career. So you need a constant person who knows about music and the industry, who can serve as your confidant. You can keep discussing your plans with him or her, while he or her also keeps bringing suggestions and advice to the table. As a matter of fact, the best person who can do all of this is a manager. Another reason why you need to get one immediately.

6.You need someone to keep motivating you; if anybody tells you music is an easy career, that person just blowed a big lie. As far as i am concerned, this is even one of the most difficult career ever that requires patience and lot of time to succeed. Things will become tiring at some point. You would feel like hanging your boot and getting another career to chase. I am saying it confidently that you will once, if not more than, think about quiting the hustle.

At this point, it might be dangerous if you don’t have something that can inspire you, or someone that can motivate you to keep grinding. The road will be rough no doubt, whom you surround yourself with will determine the decisions you will take when things become hard. A manager will always inspire and motivate you. He or she would always encourage you whenever you are down for any reason. You know your career is his or her career as well.He is working because of you. And so if anything happens to you, He/ she is doom as well.


although, there are more other reasons why all artiste needs a manager, but i would say these are the most important ones you need to see. You can take your time and think over it. You will see there are no lies in all the reasons written herein. And i know for sure that after a thorough thought over this, you will consider getting yourself a manager eventually. However, This piece will put you through on how to get a manager, although this is one of the best services BURSTINGBRAIN TALENT MANAGEMENT AGENCY can render to help your career as an upcoming artiste. Just contact us today and your career gets covered.


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