Comedian Josh2funny’s Reply To His Over Protective Dad Will Get You Rolling On The Floor(Screenshot)

Josh2funny's reply to his overprotective dad

You need to read through to see Josh2funny’s reply to his overprotective dad.. you will laugh real hard.

Sensational Instagram comedian, Josh2funny shared screenshot of a funny chat that transpired between him and his father

In the shared screenshot, the overprotective dad told josh to be aware of who he allows to touch his head

Josh2funny's reply to his overprotective dad

Mind who runs your head, be conscious of your glory”, josh’s father alerted his son as he reacted to the photo of man placing his hands on his son’s head.

However, in a comic way, josh2funny replies his father claiming that the hands are that of his barber.. but it seems his father isn’t still comfortable with it.
He replied josh “The way he’s doing it is suspicious.”

See screenshot

Comedian Josh2funny's reply to his overprotective dad

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