LET’S TALK FAMZ!!!Between Fireboy And Oxlade , Who Has The Best Vocals??

Who has the best vocals between fireboy and oxlade??

No doubt we’ve got some new acts in the industry at the moment who are doing perfectly well, and i don’t think we can mention names and not include the likes of fireboy and oxlade…. And here we like to hear your opinion about who has the best vocals between the duo

with both of them raising to the limelight last year, there has been a subject of argument on who has the best vocals since both of them produces their music in a melodious ways with ambient synth harmonies.

Adedamola Adefolahan a.k.a Fireboy dml rose to the top of the game after the release of his hit single ‘jealous‘ under the y.b.n.l mafia family album , the song that later earned him the listener’s choice award at soundcity music festival 2020, he’s no doubt a vibe in the music industry.

Fireboy and  oxlade who has the best vocals

Fireboy released an album that got over hundred million streams in a week on Apple music Nigeria, this shows that his music is loved by a lot of fan in the music industry.


Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan A.k.a Oxlade on the other hand, even though not as appreciated as the latter but it’s no doubt that he’s also a pure talent, he brokethrough as an independent artiste after the release of his hit song titled ‘legend‘ and he wrapped up 2019 with an excellent performance at O2 arena

Fireboy and oxlade who has the best vocals

Oxlade released an EP oxygen which denominated Top 10 of Nigeria Apple music Top 100 therefore there is no doubt that he’s a force to reckon with in the industry as well


The duo, I mean both fireboy and oxlade are the best when it comes to songwriting…the way they vibe on songs gives Goosebumps too…but there is one thing I have heard people argue about the two overtime… like the comparism of the acts most times is always base on that, and that’s who has the best vocals.

Please before you answer this question, if you don’t know any of the acts well, do well to make your findings, atleast a bit so that your opinion or choice of who has the best vocals won’t be because you don’t know the other act very well…..they are both mad with Vocals oo….. seriously….I get confused most times

Now the decision is left for you guys….infact whosoever wins the poll here becomes my choice of who has the best vocals between the duo…..so what do you think?? Drop all opinion in the comment section

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  1. Though it very hard to pick because they both possess stunishing qualities.

    But I pick oXlade because for an artiste not to be sign in any record label and is doing fine and ok.

    If is EP reach over 11million streams what do u expect in his album, and during this kind of situation like this.

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