Happy Belated Birthday To The love Of My Life Wunmi…May Your Days Be long On Earth…I love You Forever – Ogunmefun Olaniyi

On this special day January 21, in some years back, heaven and Earth was so joyous…and this wasn’t for no other reasons than that a legend, a superstar, an heroine, a role model and a Mentor was given birth to

As years goes by, you starting growing… You grew into maturity…you grew into intelligence..how will I even forget that you grew to become a very beautiful and easygoing person…..and most importantly, you grew into becoming one of the best person on planet Earth

Omowunmi, sincerely words have really failed me today…I am inarticulate at the moment…my words would be obscure and obsfucate, and that’s because your love has affected me to the extent that I can’t reason clearly..dearie, yes i don’t know how best to say my words…infact, no adjective can best qualify who and what you are to me…I hope you know that your existence is the reason why someone keeps smiling…..i get hope seeing you…I get motivated having you around…you are just a damsel with a lovely heart… kisses to you my precious jewel

I can’t forget in a bit, all what you have done in my life.. although, we fight a lot, but still doesn’t change the fact that you are the best among the best….the best among the rest…the best among your peers…i could remember vivdly how we fought battles together..like how we went and passed through those ups and downs…is it those days we went broke, and couldn’t eat what we want??? Was it those period when I was financially broken and it seems I was born to be poor, and destined to suffer… remember, you stood by me???

Happy belated birthday

I call you ifewunmi ayanfemi, I hope you know the reason why??? remember how I used to be so naughty, and how you made me who and what I am today …I also wouldn’t forget the day you accepted me back even when you knew what I did was unforgivable …dearie you forgave me if you can remember

Today being your day, I join the host of heaven and every other well wishers to celebrate you. God bless you for me…hbd to you my love..

Happy belated birthday

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