“I Wanted To Be A Force Man, A Naval staff To Be Precise, Until Music Chose Me” – Interview Session With Emperor_mhe

Interview session with Emperor_mhe

This is an interview session with Emperor_mhe…y’all should enjoy

Emperor_mhe is a great singer and songwriter no doubt…. He is born Mohammed Michael Oluwasegun…He hails from ondo state, Nigeria…Given birth to in lagos state, based in the same state and also grew up their.

For his secondary school education, Emperor_mhe attended El-crystal star college egan-igando, Lagos before proceeding to Adekunle ajasin University akungba akoko(AAUA) where he is currently studying economics education… Lest I forget, He is a final year student of the citadel of learning

The singer Started music at an early age of 7…..Learnt so well.. acquired the skills he needed to survive as an artiste, and now he is doing great in the music scene

Interview session with Emperor_mhe

Emperor_mhe has couple of hit songs to his name.. and this includes mola, omalicha, ire, famimora, and the most recent one titled Perfect

Seriously This dude is really something great to watch out for… anticipate him as he becomes the rave of Nigeria music industry in few years to come

And today we invited him for chat.. y’all should read through this interesting session

BB MEDIA: Can we meet you??

yeah…my names are Mohammed Micheal Oluwasegun, known as EMPEROR_MHE…I am an artiste and a songwriter, currently a student of Adekunle Ajasin Univesity, Akyngba Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria….I make Rnb & Afropop music.

BB MEDIA: Please how did you come about your stage name, emperorr mhe??

smiles…..My name, Emperor_mhe is coined from the believe i use to have…i still maintain the believe till date though…I am of the view and opinion that everybody is a ruler of his own world, no matter who we think we are, what we do, and how we do them, We still remain boss of our own world…and so from this believe, i got the ’emperor’…..and the ‘me’ is deived from my name, micheal.

BB MEDIA: that’s brilliant..you’ve gat a very nice meaning to your name

thanks man

BB MEDIA: So since when have you been doing music professionally??

Although, i started music a lot time ago..that was when i was very young..I could remember writing my first song at the age of seven years…But officially, i kicked off the career in 2018, when i recorded my first song titled MOLA, produced by G.pro.

G.pro is actually a music producer, that later became a friend and a blooder[brother].. I met in 100 level in school while i was looking for a recording studio, and he produced my first track without even collecting a penny….The guy has a very good heart seriously, and he is a music guru too…i could remember how people use to think we are twins, to let you know how our bond overtime has become…smiles…Make i keep more of this stories for another day sha

BB MEDIA: mad ooo...lols

BB MEDIA: How did music start with you??? how did you discover yourself, how it has been.?? i mean The journey so far.

hmmmmmm…It all started when my dad brought home an album titled ‘dangerous’ by the music god MICHEAL JACKSON in the year 2005…It was then i started imitating MJ’s styles and dance moves…Later on i started writing songs even though it was trash then….Afterwards, i trained myself and with time i started writing and composing good songs…And with inspirations from the likes of Kizz daniel, Davido, Wizkid, Olamide and so on, i have been able to master the act of singing and songwiting.

my jouney into music wasn’t a bed of rose oo, because i could remember how my dad never supported me being into music..It was a serious fight between my dad and I then, until he listened to one of my song…He fell in love with it, and since then he has been a loyal fan of my craft..He just never had any choice than to..

Thanks to almighty God, and also for giving me one in a million person which is G.pro…The dude has been my strength and motivation..He never gave up on me….And incase you don’t know, He is the Ceo of MAIN MUSIC ENT.(MME)..A fast rising record label in the country with quite a number of talented acts..I am a product of the label too

BB MEDIA: cool..very cool..i love that

BB MEDIA: What is your strength and weakness as an artiste??

i have my strength in songwriting…yes, i write really well…while my weakness is that i don’t have a good stage appearance…i am only trying, but in reality, i don’t know how to perform well…Although, i am learning to improve that anyways, and i know for sure that i will get a good mark from it.

BB MEDIA: Alright…Any upcoming project??

yes, i dropped a song titled Perfect just about two days ago, and i have been working on some singles lately too…So i will be releasing singles basically….it depends on my management anyways, i may drop an Ep, all this will be determined by them actually

BB MEDIA: You made mention of management now, what management is that please??

i am under MAIN MUSIC ENT. RECORD LABEL (MME)..I got signed officially, 2018

BB MEDIA: That’s great..congrats on that in arrears…smiles

BB MEDIA: who is your favourite Nigerian artiste?? male and female??

For male, it’s fireboy, while my female favourite goes to simi

BB MEDIA: nice favourites..you must be a fan of good music…i am even sure you are selective with the kind of music to listen to.

yes i am…. thanks for the compliment.

BB MEDIA: If you are given the chance to only feature one nigerian artiste in a song, who will that be?

hmmmmmm….i think i will prefer davido

BB MEDIA: I thought it was going to be fireboy, since he is your favourite artiste

i love fireboy no doubt, but we all know the level davido is in this music shit….not even to be compared to fireboy…Besides we are all aware of how influential davido is…in terms of fanbase, connection, we can never compare him to fireboy at all…if fireboy could get such davido’s influence, definitely i am going to pick a collaboration with him ahead of davido…But for now o, it’s OBO for a collaboration.

BB MEDIA: quite convincing..wow

BB MEDIA: If you were to be signed in a record label in Nigeria, which would you prefer???

hmmmm…it’s kind difficult to choose but i think i will go for DMW or MAVINS

BB MEDIA:smiles..but you have to choose only one here

lols…final answer is dmw then

BB MEDIA: Why???

As for me, i think they have more resources to promote artistes to his dream than any other Nigerian label, and also i love the way the label operate

BB MEDIA: That’s most people reply for real..that’s cool anyways…and so where do you see yourself in the next 5 years??

I see myself in the music industry doing great as one of the celebrities

BB MEDIA: fantastic…what are your long and short term music goals???

Short term goal is to develop myself more, train myself to the extent of being called a professional

Long term goal is to impact lifes with my music…i just want to heal the world with my music

BB MEDIA: there is this particular questions i like to ask artistes….almost all give a particular answer, ‘football’, i just hope yours is different

BB MEDIA: if you are not doing music, what would you be doing?? i mean what profession would you have chosen if not music??

I Wanted To Be A Force Man, A Naval staff To Be Precise, Until Music Chose Me.

BB MEDIA: wow….uncle naval staff sir…i hail ooo

BB MEDIA: in a relationship??

hmmm…that one is complicated o

BB MEDIA:hahahaha…. na playboys dey talk dz one o…abi why will a relationship be complicated..how self?? i no trust you sir

no ooooooo abeg

BB MEDIA: any celebrity crush??

definitely…thats anita ukah

BB MEDIA: And what part of her body are your crushing on exactly?? Or let me say what are you crushing on about her??

i love her body shape and height

BB MEDIA: Alright…can you please say a shout out to your friends, fans and to hustlers out their

wadup people, it yah boy Emperor_mhe..y’all should please keep supporting the boy and i promise never to let you down…And to my fellow hustler out their, i implore everyone of us not to give up as it is no longer a news that nothing good comes easy..so we gat to keep pushing till we land where we belong…pray for grace too….shalom!!!!!!

BB MEDIA: we have come to the end of the interview sir…and i hope if we invite you for another session like this with us, you won’t turn us down??

i won’t….never…thanks for having me here

BB MEDIA: you are welcome..thanks

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