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Lady Thrown Out Of A Supermarket For Refusing To Use Hand Sanitizer In Ghana(Video)

Lady thrown out of a supermarket for refusing to use hand sanitizer

The video below captured a lady thrown out of a supermarket for refusing to wash her hands with sanitizer.. you see how sturborn some people can be???

This happened in Ghana, a state in the African continent…ordinarily, no one would have asked her to use sanitizer if not for the outbreak of this stupid and idiotic Coronavirus, which wouldn’t stop spreading across countries

According to report, she refused to obey a simple directive that she should use the sanitizer before touching items. The unidentified lady defied the order and went ahead touching items on the shelve. This sparked rage in the shop manager who then ordered security to throw her out from the shop

But on a serious note, you being asked to make use of hand sanitizer is for your own safety first…atleast before anyone will contract the virus from you, you would have lived with it for days…besides, if you want to die, don’t kill others…so simple instructions, use sanitizer, to atleast protect you a little and yet you refused again..i think this act is barbaric…what do you think??

See video below

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