A MUST READ!!! The Rise And Fall Of An Alleged Legendary Yahoo Boy – Latest About Hushpuppi You Need To Know

One of the most alleged Yahoo boy in the country, hushpuppi has been arrested…however, this piece contains every details you need to know about hushpuppi and how and why he was nabbed

latest about hushpuppi

Nigerian biggest boy, Ray Hushpuppi has been a matter of controversial talk for some years back……It happened that no one really knows the true source of his sudden and booming wealth…..His luxurious and flamboyant life has put questions in the mind of many, meanwhile he claims to be a professional beggar when being asked, while on his Instagram bio he stated that he is into real estate development…..He also claimed to be a Gucci ambassador because he could have had his toothpaste as a Gucci brand…smiles

Raymond Igbalodely popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi was born 14th of June.. his estimated networth is over 20 million USD….He is a Nigerian born person but based in Malaysia after gathering massive wealth.

latest about hushpuppi

The alleged Yahoo boy has been criticized by some celebrities e.g Timaya, Phyno and so on because they were wondering what he could have done to spontaneously move from rags to riches in a short period of time, on the other hand he’s an inspiration for some young guy that wish to follow his path…he uses his Instagram to motivate or oppress his fans, as the case may be.

Ray constant partying, expensive purchases, night club’s shut down, flight on different planes and so on got him more than two million followers on Instagram of which is a good figure for a celebrity, in order words Ray Hushpuppi is a celebrity with an unknown act.

latest about  hushpuppi

Ray Hushpuppi has been compared many times with Davido in terms of wealth, despite that Davido is an international act with a lots of big stages shutdown, with numerous endorsement deals, together with being a son of a billionaire, this really depict Ray Hushpuppi value if I must say

What do Ray Hushpuppi really do?

Ray Hushpuppi is known as a dark horse because he really didn’t disclose what he does but many said his ways doesn’t look pure and he doesn’t look and act like someone who does a legal business for a living….you can predict this from his actions anyways…the way he’s always lodged in an hotel, purchasing expensive things and all.

latest about hushpuppi

Moreover, the biggest hint he gave was when he forgot a proposed client email on a screenshot, the information is for a woman who was based in Houston, USA but it’s just a speculation since he didn’t openly confirmed that he’s into internet fraud till this recent issue

How did Ray Hushpuppi end in Interpol custody ?

The now Dubai based luxurious living Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi has been reportedly arrested in Dubai by International Police (Interpol) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over alleged fraud.

When this information is confirmed then it’s safe to say that source of Ray Hushpuppi wealth has been confirmed
According to unconfirmed sources, the Social Media celebrity was allegedly arrested alongside his partner Mr Woodbery on the grounds of being fraud suspects.

They were allegedly involved in fraud and money laundering of over $100million which was supposed to be given to Americans during the Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown.
Some sources claim the arrest was in connection with a scam over ventilators. A hundred million dollar fraud could end a billionaire,
Ray Hushpuppi who has been living life for this long….He must have indeed met his Waterloo. Everyday is for the theif but one day they said is for the owner…. I think this is the best adage to use at this point


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