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Man Beats Up His Girlfriend Mercilessly For Allegedly Having Pregnant For him(video)

Man beats up his girlfriend

In the video that surfaced online yesterday, a man beats his girlfriend mercilessly for allegedly having pregnant for him

In the video, the girl and her man were sitted looking at each other…and all of a sudden the man stood abruptly and began to slap her.

His friends were heard in the background calling him “Junior” and telling him to take it easy, but he didn’t listen, as he continue beating the girl

He did this to the extent of taking off his belt, and flogged her with it… the girl really suffered if I must say

his friends however tried all means to stop him…they put in their best to hold him back from beating the girl, but they didn’t seem to be trying hard enough.

According to the Facebook user who shared the video, the man beats his girlfriend mercilessly after she told him she was pregnant and that he was responsible…She what she wrote: “After impregnating this girl, he had the guts to to beat her up when she said he was responsible and has results.”

Man beats up his girlfriend mercilessly

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