Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid As An Upcoming Artiste In Nigeria

Top challenges upcoming artiste face that hinders them from blowing
We look into the frustration of upcoming artistes faced and has made came up with some of the step upcoming artistes do take that is making them to be underground, not making them shine

Mistakes you need to avoid as an upcoming Artiste in Nigeria

Many talents has been wasted in the music industry over the years and it is predicted that talent will still continue to be wasted if some measures are not taken into consideration.
Some of the things that hinders success are lack of uniqueness of sound, lack of quality in production (Mixing and Mastering), lack of experience, lack of appropriate promotion and management, lack of targeted audience, lack of flexibility in sound, lack of fund, lack of exposure, lack of networking and so on. Some of the above listed issues will be discussed below.


Ability to create your sound and fit in the people hearing is of great deal. Upcoming artistes that tends to rely on already existing sound will find it difficult to blow with it because that same sound or beat you are using is what a big name used to drop a track you have made it obvious that you will have low chance of getting audience.

For example Zanku beat is an already trended and existed beat in which many big artistes have used, imagine Burnaboy for example dropped a song with the zanku beat then an upcoming artiste with lower fan base drop with the same style, people tends to pay more attention to Burnaboy neglecting the upcoming act.

It is worthy to note that an upcoming artiste should find a unique but acceptable vibe, looking into recent times guys blowing up like Fireboy, Joeboy, Oxlade, Rema and of more recently Omay Lay and so on have a unique vibe they drop. People tends to be more interested in new vibe since human being get tired of a particular thing over time. Upcoming artiste that want to blow should learn to create a unique sound


Many artiste have the talent to sing but they record with sub standard beats and the release poorly mixed and mastered tracks.

Upcoming artiste shouldn’t be too desperate about the release of a track, instead they should be more concerned about the quality of production.

An upcoming artiste should make sure that their producers is fire branded so that they will not just be dropping good lines but sounding poorly to the hearing.


In anything a person lays his or her hands upon, good promotion is so important if the project will boom.

Something dope works or projects do not get credits and attention due to lack of proper promotion….Not letting people know what you do, what you got to offer…on the other hand whack projects when properly hyped, promoted and packaged could get a lot of praises.

In the music world now, how can you as an upcoming artiste record a fire jam then you only share the links to access the song to your friends and family, is that all? You are then now expecting a hit song, it is not possible expect miracle happens.

In the normal sense looking at the Kizz Daniel, dude is meant to be rated wth the likes of Davido, Wizkid and Co. but he’s not just because he lacks the proper promotion to take his sound across the border talk less of an upcoming artiste that is not yet accepted by the industry.

I laugh at talented artiste that records chart topping standard track but they will not work with Pr, Influencers, Bloggers, radio station and so on to help them in promoting it.
There are many ways in which promotion can be done, it is not necessarily million naira promotion… Ordinary creating awareness with your social media platforms is a form of promotion, Blaqbonez is a good example of that

upcoming artiste needs to learn promotion with social media platforms from Blaqbonez. Blaqbonez will make sure he gains your attention by posting funny videos, being sarcastic, dissing a big artiste, talking ironically, causing social media trends like ‘stream haba’ and so on, I’m not saying everyone needs to do it the same way Blaqbonez does but you need to create a promotion style that will make your fan be interested to follow you.

Apart from social platforms, making use of blog is also a good form of promotion because if a top blog hypes your song, to music enthusiast out there, it connotes that there is something special about the song, meanwhile your song might be a regular song.


Management works hand to hand with promotion. Mavin record label made it clear to everyone what proper management can do to their acts, making them exploits.

Rema for example is not singing anything better than the likes of Oxlade, Fireboy Dml, Joeboy but proper management took him far even to international level.

Management is being a good consultant and representative for an act, allowing him/her to focus only on his / her music not bothering about things outside recording.

Many people will feel unlucky for not being signed by a label but in the real sense it’s not only a label that manages an artiste, there are some individual management firm that artiste can partner with for their management, it has nothing to do with being controlled by them because you are not their signee you are just partners.

The management will help you get shows, update you with things you should do, link you up with seniors in the industry after having hyped your name. It high time artiste get managed by experts in the industry….managers are around you, employ the service of one, although be careful when choosing, because not all are good enough for your career


An upcoming artiste that hasn’t gained ground should be able to fit in many style because in case he/she is in a tight corner and has to deliver something different from what he normally do, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Also when an upcoming make songs with the same style all through with time those songs made with same style all through will fade away and it will become stale. An upcoming artiste must be able to switch style.


Upcoming Artiste with lack of sufficient experience about the industry tends to face more challenges. The industry is competitive and it’s based on the survival of the fittest, in order to blow you have to work smart in various ways.

One of the tips is that try not to release a track when something big is trending because releasing then means that you won’t get the attention you desire.

Omay lay for example released his Ep when there is nothing trending from the big guys in the industry, and this made everyone be left with no choice than to listen to him whether dope or not

imagine him releasing that EP same time with Wizkid, kizz Daniel, Davido and co are releasing EP as well, it’s obvious omah lay’s Ep will be overshadowed, while people won’t really listen to it as almost everybody will be busy checking out Davido, wizkid and other big boys’ Ep or latest release, thus not making his songs big.

Take time to study the industry, knowing when to release your songs and when not to….. this account for the reason why record labels have calendar for song release


Most times social media and local promotion is not enough, there is a need for advanced or paid promotion to take you very far. Making use of radio station to play your songs on air is helpful but it will cost you some money, but you could leverage on it by partnering with the right plug.

Some people also make use of posters and billboards but that’s not so relevant in the 21 century…. Another way of promotion is to go around making sure that you are performing in shows even if you will have to pay for it, you will also need to keep getting in touch with dj in order for your songs to be played in shows.

The possibly most expensive way of promotion is making of a music videos and promoting on a big Tv station, this move is very essential for upcoming artiste if you want to make a hit.

This is the junction where upcoming artistes get frustrated because the price for making a standard music video and promoting on a big Tv station like soundcity is an investment on it own that can drain the pocket and only few can afford it being an independent artiste without sponsers or a label.

The only solution to this is that artistes should try to find sponsors or a record label that will support their vision


Alot has been said about mistakes upcoming artiste should avoid….I am sure many must have been trending wrongly Before now….and I want to believe this piece would help Artistes out their to take right decisions about their career.

Upcoming artistes needs to be upstanding, sitting tight because blowing in the music industry is not easy of which has led some artiste to commit suicide out of frustration that led to their depression.

Above all , let’s know this that man can only water the seed, it is almighty God that gives the harvest, and so the grace of God is also essential because he decides what happens and when to make it happen….. irrespective of how dope your song is, coupled with the amount of money and time you have put in for promotion, He still has the final say…reason why you need to acknowledge him and always pray to him for blessings


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