Nigerian Journalist In Pains After Allegedly Being Slapped On The Chest By Davido(Details + Video)

Nigerian Journalist in pains after allegedly being slapped by Davido

Below Is the video of a Nigerian journalist who cried out after receiving hot slap from Davido after attempting to hug him in an airport.

Report had it that the journalist was actually waiting for one of the artistes he was promoting then at the Airport in Ikeja,Lagos, before he saw Davido passing by….And you know Nigerians and how they hype their celebrities, especially if he or she is their favourite, they won’t want him/her go without taking a picture…..This unidentified journalist also doesn’t want to miss out on taking that golden picture with his favourite celebrity “Davido“…According to him, he swiftly moved to take a selfie with the “sweet in the middle” singer…..But it left the journalist in shock as davido attended to him with a tackle/punch on his chest .


The Nigerian Journalist, not being able to hold the pains and disappointment from his idol celebrity took to the social media, and he wrote:

 On Friday 14th February 2020. I was at the international airport to pick up an artiste I’m promoting. Me been a huge fan of davido, I approached him for a picture: to my uttermost surprised Davido slapped me unprovoked for no reason; I was shocked and utterly embraced, to say the least.

I’m a fan and I wouldn’t wanna miss any opportunity to have a picture with my idol, Davido, and nothing hurts me more than attacking me in such a manner. I felt hurt, humiliated in the presence of many people at the scene of the arrival. This is someone I’ve always given preference in my field of entertainment journalism. I have been feeling terrible since then: my chest even hurts.

See the video below:

What would you say concerning this?? And if you were in the shoes of the journalist, what would you have done instead???let us know your thoughts .. drop you comments below

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