See This Video Of A Sars Officials Who Were Seriously Flogged By Soldiers After Attempting To Raid An Hotel Owned By A Colonel(Video)

Sars officials flogged by soldiers

See this video of six SARS officials flogged by soldiers for raiding a hotel that belongs to a colonel.

The fast trending video on social media now captures the men of Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS flogged mercilessly by men of the Nigeria Army for allegedly trying to raid a hotel.

The video was actually shared on twitter by a user identified as Isaac Jesumbo..and this has gotten the attention and interest of a lot of nigerians as if they have been waiting for a day like this when sars officials with receive such an embarrassing torture of their life…..Besides, this is a slap to the Sars officers who are known to be bullies to citizens, but yet can’t face their fellow uniform men

The SARS operatives were actually reported to have tried to raid a yet-to-be-identified hotel owned by A colonel.. imagine o… I am suppose to weep for them but i can’t just pity anybody at the moment…..smiles


However, According to reports, the SARS officers attempted to perform their usual operation of running after someone, raid them and collect money from them…but unfortunately for them, the hotel they ran into which is yet to be identied in order to arrest a suspected Yahoo boy belongs to a colonel whose boys were much around at the time of the raid.


The SARS officers were made to lie on the ground while the soldiers took turns in flogging them to a pulp. A lot of Nigerians had reacted to this….notable reaction was the comment that ‘One-day bushmeat go catch hunter’ amongst other sayings

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