Things Every Upcoming Artistes Should Know

Important Things Every Upcoming Artiste Should Know
A Must Know For every Upcoming Artistes
Important Things Every Upcoming Artiste Should Know
A Must Know For every Upcoming Artistest


I know you have a talent.I know you have a big dream.I know you want to become a force to be reckoned with.I know you want to get famous as quick as possible.I even know you like to be referred to as a celebrity.But have you wondered what u are doing now that you need to stop right away??have you thought about those things you haven’t been doing that you need to start doing now??have you even come to think of things you should know  that you don’t have an idea of yet???.This piece will expose you to things every upcoming artistes need to know .Just ensure you read to the end.


Most upcoming artiste go into the industry with little or no knowledge about how it works.Many feels it’s all about producing songs.Well, if that’s the case, you should wonder why some artistes are still not known.Moreover, If you want to count artistes who have spent so huge on their career but still unknown, you definitely will lose count.Some artistes  even feel having the talent is enough.smiles.let me burst your brain.YOUR TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH.AND CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH.

When you have a talent, don’t ever think it’s all you need.There are many other things you need to do to get your talent to the world.You are loaded because you are needed and so you shouldn’t allow these ability to die in you.The guilty you will feel if this happen will remain till you exit the world.The disturbance of not being fulfilled is not time conscious, but everlasting.Are you going to let this become of you??Are you going to open your eyes and allow your talent  die while you live?? It can die.You can give up on your dreams when things don’t look feasible and achievable.I  PRAY THAT WON’T HAPPEN TO YOU ANYWAYS.


As earlier said, your  talent alone cannot sell you.Talent alone cannot elevate you to the level of greatness you desire.On this note, as i  am about to list WHAT EVERY UPCOMING ARTISTES SHOULD KNOW ABOUT, take note and meticulously apply them to your daily music activity.


This is simply how pleasant  or unpleasant  you are.In fact, how appealing or annoying you sound.You cant’ keep writing meaningless and watery lyrics and expect the best to come out of it.This will remain a mere thought.Likewise, you can’t continue  producing  wack sound  and expect good afterwards.It doesn’t just work that way .Can you now see the reason why you need to save up enough money to get a quality production??

Seriously, you need to spend money on every aspect of your career.If you don’t have money yet just look for a means, because without money you can’t produce a quality  music.Your  favourite song of the moment has a lot being spent on it before it could become a jam you kept  repeating on your speaker.Music is costly, especially when you are the one sponsoring yourself.But the good news is that as you remain consistent to the hustle,  certainly , there will be light at the end of the tunnel.Write  good songs, make the best beat, record your songs like it’s going to be your last recording on earth, mix the song well, and see what comes thereafter.  


Your  focus as an artiste shouldn’t just be to make a sound, but to make a sound different from others.In the view of this, you have to write a different lyric, create a different sound, use your own unique voice.You can’t keep sounding like somebody else, most especially  an already  made  artiste who is  global and still expect to be recognised.In as much as I can’t just imagine you as an upcoming  artiste sounding  like OLAMIDE ADEDEJI  ‘BADDO’.How on earth do you want to achieve that??For the fact that you sound  like him, just expect people to criticise and castigate you, regardless of if  you are  intentionally  sounding  like him, or if that’s your own natural sound too.

Besides, you will need to do far better than the artiste whom you sound like before anybody can take you serious.Therefore, you have to remain unique at all time.Create your own dress style.Create your sound.Create your music.And  let the target always be to be yourself and yourself alone.Act unique,dress unique, and do everything in a unique way.      


Firstly, I need to let you know that, without this  no matter how quality and unique you are, you are going nowhere and not even your next door neighbour will know your song.I normally laugh whenever  I see upcoming  artistes having  over 15 songs,yet, not even one is on a popular blog.No one says you shouldn’t write songs.As a matter of necessity, as an artiste, you are not supposed to stop writing songs.But  never should you waste your money to make a music and keep them on your phone

Don’t you think the world needs to hear them??don’t  you know you producing songs and keeping them on your phone without promoting them as fast as you can is deadly??perhaps, you don’t know some songs can expire???oh, you haven’t  learnt songs  get outdated too?.Not all songs can last the test of time.That song you made and kept on your phone has a perfect time for release, and when that time  pass, without you dropping it, it won’t receive the hype and trends you want when you eventually drop it.Having  5 promoted songs is in a million way better than having 50 unpromoted songs.

There are various  ways to promote a song which includes blog promotion on blogs like[].Social media promotion on facebook,twitter,instagram.Through music marketers.Radio airplays.Interview sessions.Shows and tours.Virally and so on.To learn more about music promotion check


This is the act or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.In a nut shell, it is the number of people you know that knows you too.Some career may demand  privacy.Some profession can require  isolation.You may not need to relate with anybody in some other profession.But this doesn’t work in the music profession.You can’t  be an artiste and not want to relate.You think you can stay in your house and get opportunities?You think connection has legs  to come and meet you in your house?You are an artiste??then you need to be social.You are an artiste??then you need to learn how to mingle with people

Currently, who do  you know in the industry?who have you met??how many d.j,producers,o.a.p and even other artistes do you mingle with?peradventure  you don’t know they have their own usefulness  too??Knowing all this entertainers can be a plus to your career.

Some entertainers and what they can do for upcoming artistes:

  • A D.j can include your song in his/her playlist.
  • An event planner  can make you a guest artiste in his[her] show
  • A music blogger can write and post about your works.
  • A producer who is your friend can take the whole time to give you the best.Research have it that when you keep a good relationship with your producer,it  helps your production.You will be free to express how you feel to him/her, and  he/she will also take time to adjust whatever  needs to be adjusted properly.
  • A marketer can promote your song at a low price because you are a pal.
  • A follow artiste can show you the ways to somethings in the industry.
  • A music manager can enlighten you about the music profession.
  • An  o.a.p who is your good friend can invite you for an interview session.

Above all this things each of the entertainers can do,they can equally link you up to celebrities and Influencers .You never can tel who they know or whose connect they can get for you.Henceforth, make good use of networking to get every link you need.With networking, you can penetrate into the industry.Although networking alone can not do the magic,but it is one major factor you need to consider.


I know you ain’t expecting this,but it is a very big factor to consider too.Time is everything:Time is life.Time is hope.Time is the future.Time is quality.Time  is  talent.Time is  business  and even time is money.Can u tel me what you can achieve without TIME??If you underrate the role of time on your career, then  I don’t know the right word to say to you.But  you won’t achieve that dream because u definitely going  to quit in the long run.So many Artistes couldn’t  achieve what they desire, not because they lack anything  else but simply because they didn’t recognise the role of time in their career.

With time, so many things can, and will happen.With time, you will achieve that passion.With time, the world will hear your voice.With  time, you will dine with kings and queens.With time you  will be recognised worldwide.with time your skills  will be needed at places that matters.And even with time you will be healed of those wounds of disappointment and bitterness  you  faced during  struggling times.

There is time for everything.You might be in your time of learning now.It could be your time to endure career hardship and pains.It could even be your time to set your career on the right path.But after all these times, and it get to your time to be recognised,no man can stop it.Not even demons can stop it.


He is the brain behind your talent.Also,he is the determinant of the success that comes from using the talent.He has your fame in the smallest of his fingers.He can get you all the necessary connections in a blink of an eye.All you just need to do is to identify him as the greatest.Believe in his works and wonders.Wholeheartedly recognise the fact that he is the only one that can bless your career and make you the superstar we’ve been talking about in this piece.Succumb to his will too, and importantly don’t forget to surrender your life and doings to him.

In addition to this, just Keep praying.And after praying, pray again.After you’ve prayed,don’t forget to pray again.Do this like your whole life depends on it and await the blessings follows.


In my research overtime,I got to discover that these few things are what upcoming artistes need to know.All the best as you follow the tips.

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