Why Secular Artistes Smoke/Drink To Perform In Shows/Record In The Studio

why secular artistes smoke
why secular artistes smoke

With the very volume of my pen, I write this article in respect to my findings and hypothetical analysis on why secular Artistes Smoke/drink to perform in shows and also to record in the studio.
I feel it so strong within me that if I do not bring this up, I might not be helping someone. In my gathered years of experience in singing and music production as it is, I have come across different people with different abilities and talents who are unable to put those abilities and talents well to good use because of some constraints which they see themselves which ain’t visible to others; these things actually make them feel like their goals & aspirations are *”Unfeasible”*

87.23% of secular artistes all over the world smokes before and after every performance as a result of *”Lack Of Self Confidence”*. This occurs many at times when these Artistes have never performed on such a big stage or in the presence of huge crowd they can’t possibly face naturally on their own, so they think they would need something to take them outta the physical realm to an isolated realm where they can only see few people in the crowd, but that is not an example of a courageous performer. Some are naturally *”Shy”* on the exterior, so in order for them not to mess themselves up on that stage, they feel like they have no choice than to *”Imbibe”* alcohol and weeds to help them build up a bit of courage.

*Few Reasons Why Secular Artistes smoke/drink to perform and record*

1) Lack Of Courage/Self Confidence
2) Anxiety
3) Lack Of Self Actualizational Motivation
4) Peer Pressure
5) Influence.

1) *Lack Of Courage/Self Confidence:* These set of folks lose the quality of trust and self assurance. They naturally have an inbuilt fear in them, so in order to conquer themselves from fear and uncertainty, they end up going for *”Alcohol, Weeds or Drugs”*.
Not being courageous is being easily intimidated. Most times intimidations & fear leads most artistes into these things which they now count as being normal but are actually not.

2) *Anxiety:* This is the most common infection in so many artistes today who smokes/drinks before performances. This is the feeling of a mental unrest/uneasiness & nervousness. They worry about what is yet to come/happen unnecessarily. The fear of *”how will I manage my stage, my voice balancing, how do I carry my audience along, what would my intro be like, what would my stage charisma and performance be like?”* All of those questions even when they are yet to be called up on stage & then they become unnecessarily anxious. In order to become a bit rested and high, they take weed or other harmful stuffs to help them clear their head off different thoughts popping in.

3) *Lack Of Self Actualizational Motivation:* They lack the ability to encourage themselves because they naturally see themselves as being *”Mediocre”* in nature. They do not believe that they can do something out of the blue on their own because in the first place, they’ve already seen themselves as not being special. You really do not need too many motivations but instead, your self Actualizational Motivation in itself alone is stronger than every other. If you get motivations from different ends, Fine; and if you still do not get, Fine; don’t lose yourself.

4) *Peer Pressure:* These set of folks might not have any of the listed challenges up there but became who they currently are because of their relations/companies. They get influenced by what their relations/companies does & they start doing the same

5) *Influence:* This is the main problem so many artistes in the industry are facing. This is the most common reason why secular artistes smoke /drink to perform in a show /record in the studio. Wrong choice of *”Role Model”*. There are too many role models out there who misleads upcoming folks indirectly with their acts and way of life. They ain’t to be blamed because it’s their lives & they are living it just the way they want it, but the problem lies with the upcoming who pick those folks as model & start doing everything they do without finding out their reasons for doing those stuffs. You want to be like someone you do physically have a relationship with, then you will have a big problem on the long run…

Being a music producer has made me seen a lot and I have experienced so many stuffs first hand too. For over 4 months now, an Artiste called me and was like *”SIMKLEFF* I heard one of your jobs and it attracted me to you buh I am having a problem”, I was like, sorry sir what problem is that? Then he said “The person who told me about you said, you do not permit artistes to smoke/drink in your studio and it’s compound”. I laughed and I was like, yeah the person gave you the right information but if you think you must smoke and drink, please smoke more than enough from your house which would sustain you till you finish recording in my studio. Lolz, it’s funny right? Some weeks ago the guy still called me and was like *”SIMKLEFF”* please now, are you sure you ain’t joking with all those things you said because that’s what has been delaying me from coming to record at your place?. I was like hell no, I ain’t joking sir; it’s not allowed at *”UrbanLionStudio”*.

Can you see what I am trying to drive at?? This is the problem artistes face when they become so dependent on smoking/drinking at every point in time…

I could also remember I told one of my artistes the same thing I told the guy, no smoking/drinking in my studio and he complied. He did his songs and they were beautifully sung, in short they were the best songs he has ever done… Learn to be yourself and don’t be a dependent variable..

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